the secret to clear skin

If you've struggled, or are struggling, with acne it can start to feel like an endless cycle of trying countless products to no real avail. It’s extremely frustrating to be doing ‘all the right things’ and still be struggling with your skin. Acne is annoying, but it can also be painful (cystic) and psychologically damaging. Society cares about looks, whether we like it or not, and there’s no telling how much damage having acne can do to someone’s self-esteem and confidence.

Today we’re going to share a skin care secret that doesn’t get nearly enough attention as it deserves. We’re going to talk about combating acne externally AND internally, because we believe that what you put into your body manifests externally; through sickness, disease, or having an abundance of energy, clear skin, healthy hair, and an illness-free body.

The external element of our skin care secret is a product called African Black Soap. It’s simple, pure, and natural, not filled with countless unpronounceable chemicals, fragrances and dyes like many conventional skin care products. The brand we highly recommend is Akoma because their African Black Soap is organic, Fairtrade and produced in Ghana. It contains 3 ingredients; coconut oil, raw shea butter, and water. African Black Soap can be used all over your body, you can even use it to wash your hair. From personal experience of using African Black Soap for almost 5 years and noticing a significant improvement to our acne, we’re convinced that this is a product that could help many people.

The internal element of our skin care secret is a diet rich in whole foods and plant foods. We neglect to use the phrase ‘vegan diet’ because the food industries have caught on to the popularity of veganism and now it’s possible, and very easy, to lead a vegan diet and still be extremely unhealthy and at risk of becoming ill. Again, from personal experience, cutting out dairy products proved to be a key factor in healing our acne. If you’re not convinced by the dairy argument, consider this; when you consume dairy, you’re consuming hormones, regardless of whether you eat organic or non-organic. Cows are living organisms that naturally produce hormones, and those hormones are in the milk they produce for their young. Hormones are known to be one of the key factors that can affect acne, so it’s worth cutting out dairy for at least a few weeks if you’re serious about improving your skin.

So, to summarise;

+ DO simplify your skin care routine, less products with less ingredients. Try African Black Soap.

+ AVOID heavily processed foods for a few weeks.

+ AVOID dairy for a few weeks and pay attention to how your skin responds.

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