the secret to easy vegan breakfasts (forever)

All of us have skipped breakfast at some point or another, intentionally or not. Life is busy, and sometimes a lack of time, and inspo, is to blame for us missing the most important meal of the day. Throw in trying to eat vegan, and suddenly it’s a hassle you could do without. And besides, who needs plants when you’ve got coffee... which is technically a plant anyway *sassily crosses arms* It’s understandable, label anything vegan and it becomes 2 things; a hassle and expensive. Now, we aren’t getting into why vegan meals don’t have to be expensive or a hassle to make, saving that for another day, but we are giving you the ultimate breakfast idea to inspire you on those ‘I’ll grab something on the way’ days.

Note, ultimate breakfast idea. This one is so good that we don’t think it needs anything else, adding more ideas to this blog post would only distract from the beauty that is… granola. If you’re reading this and you’re really unimpressed right now, that’s good, that’s exactly what we were going for. Why? Because if you already know about granola then you know it’s actually not a hassle. All we’re doing for you in this blog post is giving you inspiration for your future breakfasts, and proving how simple (yet amazing) granola really is.

Okay… so granola?
It’s not groundbreaking, but it is the best foundation for a satisfying breakfast. Let us break it down for you, these are the 4 layers to a granola meal:

1) Yogurt or Milk
2) Granola or Rawnola
3) Fruits, Nuts or Seeds
4) Syrup, Honey, or Jam

The beauty of these layers is that you can switch them up and leave some out depending on what you feel like, but without further ado, here’s why we’re convinced you could eat granola for breakfast every day for a month and not get sick of the crunchy goodness.

Yogurt or Milk
Some people like still water, some people like sparkling water, but at the end of the day, they’re all still drinking H2O. Whether you prefer yoghurt or milk, there are endless options that you can pick from. If you’re a yogurt person, you can switch up the flavour of your yogurt, and the type; soya, coconut, you get the gist. And it’s the same with milk, if you haven’t heard about the countless types of non-dairy milk available now, have you really done your research on veganism..?

Granola or Rawnola
Buy your granola readymade from the shop, or make it yourself at home and have more control over what goes into it. If you’re making granola to take with you on the go, you could save time and bake fruits, nuts, and seeds into it, that way in the morning the only fresh item you need is the yogurt or milk. If you want to go raw, you could try making rawnola, which takes less time because you don’t have to cook it. Customise your granola to suit you, in the colder months you could try adding some cinnamon and nutmeg into the mix for a festive feel to your breakfast.

Fruits, Nuts or Seeds
Imagine all the fruits you can think of, now imagine that you can have those with your granola in the morning. Okay now stop imagining, because it’s true, you can do that. Don’t limit yourself to berries, think bananas, apples, peaches, mango, pomegranate, literally any fruit. It’s exactly the same with nuts and seeds, you can add whatever you like and make it different every morning.

Syrup, Honey or Jam
If you’re vegan you might not want to use honey, and that’s fine, because there are other options, this is 2017. There are a variety of syrups and jams for you to choose from, you can mix and match, or even skip this step entirely if everything else already makes your granola sweet enough for you.

And that’s granola in a nutshell (pun not really intended). If you’re not convinced, and you don’t think granola is basic enough, you’re wrong. If you really don’t want to fuss over your breakfast, get some yogurt and add granola and it will taste good anyway. Start simple, you probably already have items in your fridge and cupboard that you can use as toppings, so just go out and buy the yogurt and granola (or make it yourself).

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