how to have a productive morning

 1. eat your breakfast  
"ugh that's so obvious..." says you, who probably doesn't eat breakfast... *side eye*

If you have time in the morning but you're too lazy to eat breakfast, make the decision to snap out of it. If you barely have time to put your makeup on and shower before you have to dash out the door, stock up on foods you can take with you on-the-go*.
*but only eat them when you're actually on-the-go, not when you have a free day but you're too lazy to make breakfast

 2. stretch  
Take up to 5 minutes each morning and do some gentle stretches on your bed, it's a nice way to ease yourself into full consciousness and you'll feel flexible allllll day.

 3. give yourself some headspace 
Do the thing** that gives your mind space to wander, whether it's prayer, meditation, mindfulness, or some deep breaths. Doing this for 5 minutes each morning will do wonders and you'll have a clear head for the rest of the day.
**dreams don't count... don't go back to sleep

 4. look good = feel good 
Looks aren't everything, sure, but who can (genuinely) deny that looking good makes you feel that bit more confident? Leave the house in an outfit that has you catching glimpses of yourself on purpose in windows/mirrors/iPhone front cameras all day (and night) long. Choose something the night before or give yourself extra time in the AM.

 5. do something productive 
Before your day really gets going, do something small but productive in the morning to get you off to a good start. It can be anything, doing the dishes, putting in a load of laundry, sending an email, ordering something, literally anything.


Implementing those 5 tips into your morning routine takes less than an hour, but they'll have a lasting impact on the rest of the day. Go, be productive, take over the world, it's your oyster after all.

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